wide Angle / Fisheye Lens UWL-04 M52

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Dome cover with diameter 15cm for different Domes

Neopren Dome Schutz mit Ø 15cm, 3mm Neopren für diverse Ports...

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Product information "wide Angle / Fisheye Lens UWL-04 M52"

H2o-Tools UWL-04 wide-angle fisheye lens with domeport
You are looking for a possibility to make underwater fisheye-pictures with your compact camera?
This is the solution:
Our H2o-Tools UWL-04 fisheye lens with domeport.
Applicable for all underwater housings with M52 or M67 thread. Especially for all cameras with 28mm focal lenght, but also useable for longer focal lenghts.
With this fisheye lens you extend the picture angle for example to 165° (28 mm focal lenght), 130° at 35mm focal length.
   Crop-factor: x 0,42 - equiv. to 15 mm focal lenght (Cameras with 35 mm starting focal length) or 12mm at 28mm starting focal length (underwater)
   Materials: Optical glass, hardened coated acrylic (dome made of acrylic), seawater-proof aluminium, black anodized.
   Can be attached or removed underwater
   M52 oder M67 thread connector (M67 Adapter is optional Article no.: 340001600)
   Case depth: up to 60 m
   Dimensions: 157 x 92,92 mm
   Weight: 729 g
Scope of delivery:
  • H2o-Tools UWL-04 Fisheye Objektiv mit Domeport.

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